The mission and objectives of the Princeton Cranbury Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution

  1. To perpetuate the memory of those who, by their services or sacrifices during the War of Independence achieved the freedom of our country and secured the adoption of the Constitution of the United States
  2. To promote social intercourse among their descendants and to encourage research as it relates to the American Revolution and the history of America, not only among its members but also in our schools and communities
  3. To cooperate with the national and state societies in promoting these aims and patriotic objectives, especially with the reference to the development of patriotism among the foreign-born or their children, and in designating by memorials and suitable monuments or markers, places of Revolutionary War interest

One chapter initiative is to memorialize gravesite locations of soldiers that contributed to the effort to win America's War of Independence. For consideration of possible dedication ceremonies, we welcome your input on the location of a gravesite within the chapter's geographic area where any soldier, continental, or militia, is interred. Please contact chapter acting president, Roger Williams, roger@princetonsar.org